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Buffalo Monroe's debut album in a limited edition CD!


These nine songs feature talent from across galaxies and the musical spectrum. With lots of heart and soul the band created these jazz-fusion grooves and funk frequencies which, when played in the right sequence, tell a story of Bella and Bo Monroe meeting musical giants and heading to Rus' Lab to develop a Chromatic Schematic, which set them on the path to The Maestro.



"A real fusion treat, and it's been a while since I saw the last new fusion come out from anybody." - Tim Wright, WMNF, Tampa FL


"I love the feel of it, with its funky jazz flavor. But October Leaves take it to another level with a different texture. They remind me of Herb Albert, and I love it." - Chilly Willy,  CJAM, Ontario


"A fun release; good groove." - Cheryl K,


"Love the fresh, energetic arrangements! Will play for sure on WRUV-FM." - DJ Jay Paul, WRUV, Burlington, VT


"If you only consider the album cover, which is totally psychedelic, and then insert the CD into the player, everything fits perfectly, as you find yourself in a form of jazz/funk with intonations of the 70s, except the quality of the production and the rhythms are very much of our time...

All of this is to try to show you how surprising, timeless, and extraordinary this album is, and that the combined experience of these artists offers a remarkable album where it is easy to get lost on the first listen. Besides the excellence of all these artists, there is a very advanced sound research here, a form of experience, certainly, but one that fills our heads with images, pushing the boundaries of what is possible..." - Thierry De Clemensat USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine



Buffalo Monroe Meets Willie Waldman CD

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  • Track Listing:

    1) Willie Meet the Bull
    2) Rus’ Lab
    3) Chromatic Schematic
    4) Social Excitement
    5) Dorian Interludes
    6) October Leaves
    7) Falling Leaves
    8) Ode to the Maestro
    9) Theta Frequencies

    Performers on this album include:

    • Upright Bass: Ron Carter
    • Electric Bass, Ukulele, Guitar: Matt Courtney
    • Keys: Rachel Courtney
    • Keys, Rhodes Piano, Melodica: Ross Rice
    • Trumpet, Horns: Willie Waldman
    • Drums: Vinnie Amico
    • Drums and Percussion: Gregg Bissonette
    • Guitar: Harold McCummings
    • Guitar: Clint Wagner


    Producers: Matt Courtney, Rachel Courtney,

    and Ross Rice

    Co-Producer: Willie Waldman

    Sound Engineer: Ross Rice

    Sound Engineer: Frank Rosato

    Sound Engineer: Nolan Thies

    Mixing Engineer: Ross Rice

    Mastering Engineer: Frank Rosato

    Metacognitive Records © 2024

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